When Can You Go Swimming After a Mommy Makeover?

Motherhood. It’s a marvel to see. So many mothers share with us the beauty of their journey: the miracle of pregnancy, the marvel of birthing, and the momentous, life-changing feeling of holding their children for the first time.

And then we talk about the impact of pregnancy on the body.

You worked hard to get back in shape, and you lost all the baby weight. Then the reality hits.  Stretched stomach skin, and sagging breasts just can’t be changed through diet and exercise. Moms come to us because they want to reclaim their bodies – their pre-pregnancy bodies – to match their wants to still be themselves, to be active, to wear that bikini. You are a mother, yes, and you love your role, but you are also your own person, and your body can reflect that.

Your heart is forever changed, but your body does not have to be!

The Mommy Makeover, by Dr. Dreshen, of Clinique of Plastic Surgery Centres in St. Pete and Sarasota, can restore and rejuvenate your figure. Depending on your wants, and the unique way pregnancy and child-bearing has affected your body, the following procedures are available:


Why do I have to keep out of the water after a Mommy Makeover procedure?

Living in the Tampa Bay area, one frequent question patients ask is how long they have to wait to go swimming after a Mommy Makeover. Water is a part of everyday life here in the St. Petersburg area, so first, consider what the risks are.

  1. Overall Health – swimming is strenuous, and raising your heart rate too high before your body has sufficiently healed, can cause internal bleeding.
  2. Bacteria and Microbes – taking a plunge in the pool or sea, even with just a few minor incisions that have not fully healed, can make you susceptible to bacteria and other microbes.
  3. Scarring – Swimming too soon can also make scars stretch, making them more visible, and premature exposure to U.V. can affect the coloration and appearance of scars.

So, how long until I can swim after my Mommy Makeover?

Dr. Drehsen recommends staying out of the water for at least four weeks, if the tummy tuck option was not part of your mommy makeover. If the tummy tuck was part of your overall mommy makeover, count on at least an extra two weeks. This is due to the healing of your abdominal muscles and making sure your body has adequate time to recover.

We recommend easing back into swimming even after your six weeks have passed. Remember, you decreased your level of activity, and your endurance is less than it was. Start swimming slowly as your body readjusts to the increase in activity level.

At your follow up appointment at the Clinique of Plastic Surgery Centre, Dr. Drehsen will make sure that you are healing on schedule before clearing strenuous activities like swimming. That way, we kept safety and long-term results and happiness at the top of the priority list.

Interested in a Mommy Makeover? Have questions about healing? Call us to arrange a free consultation. Dr. Christian Drehsen and his team at Clinique of Plastic Surgery Centre in Sarasota and St. Petersburg will restore and rejuvenate your body, so you can feel like yourself again!

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