En bloc capsulectomy

Are you concerned that your implants may have ruptured, leaking, or be the cause of cancer? At Clinique of Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute, we are dedicated to providing procedures that can alleviate many of these concerns.

During your consultation with Dr. Christian Drehsen, you may be recommended a procedure named an “en bloc capsulectomy”. You can choose to simply remove your breast implants, replace them, or receive a fat transfer. More than just the health benefits, many women say that they have more freedom of movement and feel confident showing a natural-looking figure.

Consultations and procedures are performed
conveniently located in the Downtown St. Pete area at the Clinique of Plastic
Surgery And Laser Institute with our state-of-the-art equipmentFollowup care by
our surgical and nursing specialists is the commitment to quality that our
patients receive in our accredited surgical facility.

Frequently Asked Questions | Benefits

Feel More Confident
Improve Health Concerns
Easier Sleep Positioning
Natural Breast Texture
Renewed Body Image
More Comfortable In Clothing
Renewed Softness of Your Breasts
Strenuous Activities Without Discomfort
Streamline Form and Silhouette

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During your En Bloc Capsulectomy consultation, your medical history and past surgeries will be reviewed by your Dr. Drehsen. Please provide a list of any medications you are currently taking or have taken recently and let us know if you are allergic to any particular medications.

Implant Statistics

At Clinique, patient health and safety is always our top priority. As you may be aware, a recall has been issued for specific implants and we would like to take this moment to impart some facts and hopefully provide some peace of mind regarding this subject.

Important information to know is that this recall is applicable only to a limited number of textured implant products. Ninety five percent of implants sold in the US are smooth and completely unaffected. The most common applications for textured implants include, an above average physically active lifestyle, a sloping rib bone structure and/or reconstructive breast procedures.

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Meet Dr. Drehsen

Over the past 25 years, board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Christian Drehsen has dedicated his life to perfecting the art and science of cosmetic surgery, becoming one of the most innovative, skilled and respected surgeons in the country.

Devoted to exclusively producing natural results, Dr. Drehsen believes in a holistic, “less is more” approach to surgery. By subtly altering and refining your features to bring out your innate beauty, he’s able to improve your appearance in a way that looks and feels extremely natural. With an impeccable eye for beauty and an inherent sense of symmetry and proportion, Dr. Drehsen’s aesthetic instincts and artistic passion have allowed him to produce exquisite results for thousands of patients.

Award-Winning, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon & Innovator of the RefresherLift℠ And Happy Emoticon Effect Study


Highly respected in his industry for his unparalleled skill in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Drehsen is well known for developing the signature RefresherLift℠ – an innovative procedure that overcomes the limitations of the standard facelift. It’s rapidly become one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures among discerning patients worldwide, because of its ability to sculpt an impeccably natural facial appearance that you simply cannot attain with more traditional facelift approaches.


Dr. Drehsen was born in Belgium, where he achieved his medical degree at the Free University of Brussels. From there, he moved to the United States, where he received a complete training in general surgery, followed by a comprehensive training in all fields of plastic surgery at the University of Louisville, Kentucky under the direction of Dr. Leonard Weiner. He also trained in hand surgery under the world-renowned hand surgeon Dr. Harold Kleinert, and in microsurgery under the direction of Dr. Robert Ackland. During his residency at Morton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Dr. Drehsen kept close contact with the burn unit and developed strong pediatric skills as well.


Over the years, Dr. Drehsen has employed his broad surgical experience and demanding, goal-oriented and aesthetic approach to cosmetic surgery to help his patients achieve their ultimate dream of beauty. His artistry and technical skill have been recognized by both the local and national media through his appearances on television and radio, as well as by his medical colleagues through national peer-reviewed presentations and medical publications. Dr. Drehsen has been featured in top-rated magazine Cosmetic Surgery Times for his focus and dedication to facial plastic surgery, including the renowned signature RefresherLift℠.

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