Signature Procedures

The innovative techniques we’re known for, our signature procedures were created and perfected by our world-renowned team at Clinique of Plastic Surgery to produce the most exquisite and natural-looking cosmetic outcomes possible.


When we rejuvenate the face, our number one priority is to help you age as gracefully and naturally as possible. As such, we apply our artistic flair and unparalleled technical expertise to sculpt a more youthful and attractive look, while preserving your dynamic and vibrant expression.

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Our breast enhancement procedures are about more than simply giving you larger, rounder and more shapely breasts. They’re designed to restore your feminine curves and enhance everything about you – including your self-esteem, sensuality and quality of life.

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At Clinique of Plastic Surgery, we don’t simply sculpt your impeccable body features one by one. We look at the entire person as a whole, and aim to restore sensual and feminine curves that will dramatically renew your confidence.

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With an array of plastic surgery approaches designed exclusively to tailor to our male patients’ unique goals, these procedures will sculpt the balanced, attractive and athletic look you want – without losing your valued masculinity.

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