Frequently Asked Questions About RefresherLift℠


Q: How Much Younger Will I Look?

A: During your initial consultation, Dr.Drehsen will use his sophisticated Computer Imaging system to help give you a realistic sense of the results you can expect. The RefresherLift℠ will help you age gracefully, turning back the clock far enough to produce a natural, revitalized look. Trying to turn that clock back too far, though, is why some facelift results are so unnatural. In general, our clients can expect to achieve close to an extra decade of youthfulness, and in some cases, even more.

Q: Am I a Good Candidate For Dr. Drehsen’s RefresherLift℠?

A: Generally, anyone from about their mid-30s and up who is displaying signs of facial aging is a good candidate for the RefresherLift℠. Some of those signs include:

  • Sagging jowls
  • Loss of fullness in the cheek and cheekbone area
  • Pronounced Marionette Lines
  • Pronounced Nasal-Labial folds, or lines running from the nose to the corners of the mouth.

The RefresherLift℠ can also be very effective in restoring a face lift done years prior, or for a patient who wants to “ease in” to facial rejuvenation. The standard RefresherLift℠ procedure will not address certain aging signs in the brow area, eyelids, and neck, but procedures to fix these problems can be easily completed simultaneously with a RefresherLift℠.

Q: How Safe is the Procedure?

A: The procedure is much shorter and less invasive than a conventional face lift, and with our highly trained surgeon, it is very safe. The RefresherLift℠ only requires local anesthesia, but can be conducted under general anesthesia at a patient’s preference. As with any surgery, however, the RefresherLift℠ does carry the risk of complications. The most common of these are bleeding, hematoma (bleeding under the skin), nerve injury (though uncommon) and infection (usually preventable with antibiotics following surgery).

Q: Will My Surgery Take Place at an Accredited Surgical Facility?

A: We’re glad you asked! Yes, your procedure will be performed at an accredited outpatient surgical facility; currently this would be Bayfront Health Ambulatory Surgery Center located minutes from our office in downtown St. Petersburg. Dr. Drehsen and the facilities he works with are held to the highest standards of patient safety and comfort.

Q: Are There Alternatives I Might Consider for Facial Rejuvenation?

A: Absolutely. There are many “beginning” solutions for those showing minimal signs of aging, and more extensive procedures for those for whom the RefresherLift℠ cannot achieve all desired objectives. Our goal with the RefresherLift℠ is to find the right solution for you at this point in time. If not now, the RefresherLift℠ might be the right solution a few years down the road. When you’re ready, we’ll be here.

Q: Is Dr. Drehsen a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon?

A: Yes. Dr. Drehsen has been Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery since 1983. Be wary of physicians who are Board-Certified, but not in the Plastic Surgery specifically. The Plastic Surgery specialty requires years of extra training as the surgeon fine-tunes very intricate procedures and skills. You don’t want to trust your face to a doctor who only moonlights as a cosmetic surgeon after spending his or her day removing moles and varicose veins!

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