Dual Plane℠ Brow Lift


Dual Plane℠ Brow Lift

A frowning forehead. Crumpled, furrowed brows and hidden eyes. Is this how you feel you look? As we age, our brows descend and droop, creating a tired or worried look. There is a solution: the revolutionary dual plane℠ brow lift.

Rejuvenate Your Expression

Dr. Dreshen developed and refined the Dual Plane℠ Brow Lift to restore your brow’s vitality. His signature procedure smooths out your forehead, lifts your eyebrows and obliterates frown lines.

“Plastic surgery is like a “Body Shop.” You have an accident and take it in for repairs. My accident began after having my kids. Now I have a flat tummy, had the hanging skin removed from my arms (aka the “bat wings”) and had the “girls” lifted. No implants here! Thank You Dr. Drehsen for renewing my body, face and my spirit!” Connie R.

The Dual Plane℠ Brow Lift

By lifting the brow and forehead, we uplift your expression and reestablish your eyes’ natural beauty. The Dual Plane Brow Lift can repair poor results of prior surgeries like thread brow lifts or threadlifts. Minimally invasive, the procedure is kind to your with face with minimal scarring, which is expertly hidden in the hairline.

  • Gently repositions the arch of the brow
  • Restores eyebrow posture and contours
  • Provides natural-looking results
  • Takes less than an hour — under local or general anesthesia
  • One-week recovery time is typical

Goodbye Sagging Brows. Hello Open and Expressive You!

Aging hides the vibrancy we feel inside. Your brow is an important part of your base facial expression – the one the world sees and reacts to. Dr. Drehsen’s signature procedure restores vitality in your brow and reveals the vibrant you.

Find out if you are a candidate for the Dual Plane℠ Brow Lift. The results are natural looking, yet stunning, restoring dynamism, and elegance. Share with the world the real you that is hidden by the effects of aging, with an approach that is kind to your face and respectful of your natural beauty.

My Philosophy

“I believe in restoring natural beauty and the vitality that aging can undermine. During Dual Plane℠ Brow Lift consultations, I assess if you are a good candidate for the procedure and seek to understand the experiences that brought you to my practice. If you are in good health, and you can truly benefit from the procedure, we can move forward. Our goal is to override the downward lines, perpetual frowns, and sagging brows that contribute to tired looks. My passion is to restore facial fitness and see the energizing and life-enhancing benefits my work brings to my patients. That is why I continuously push forward the sophistication of my techniques, to provide the most natural-looking, long-lasting and elegant results possible.”

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