Problem” Implants, Permanent Implant Removal and Breast Rebuilding


Problem implants have long motivated women of various ages to consider permanent implant removal, including the entire surrounding envelope (en-bloc capsulectomy), often followed by immediate breast rebuilding. Some of the most compelling reasons for such a decision are discomfort or distortion from, repeated capsular contractures (breast implant envelope hardening), possible correlation with autoimmune conditions and, most recently, the fear of the rare, but linked association between textured (rough) surface

implants and large cell anaplastic lymphomas. Sometimes, the reason is simply a desire for smaller breasts.

Removing breast implants can certainly be a very emotional decision. At Clinique of Plastic Surgery,

Dr. Christian Drehsen will guide you through this process every step of the way, using his extensive experience in solving implant problems (like his original “Repairing the Gap” procedure), while helping you regain an attractive and natural-looking chest.

Rediscover the Beauty of Your Natural Breasts

At Clinique of Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute, we understand how difficult it can be to make the decision to remove your implants. Even if you’re confident you no longer want your larger breasts, you may still be nervous about how your natural chest will look. Dr. Drehsen’s extensive experience in solving breast implant issues, including the development of his signature “Repairing the Gap” procedure, will be your most reassuring guarantee of excellence in your breast rebuilding.

Once the implants are removed, volume restoration is delivered by micrografting processed fat from your own body into the explanted breast tissue. This method obtains fatty tissue by a small liposuction from a safe area like the side or stomach. This tissue is then reinjected via a blunt tip needle to the glandular tissue for volume and shape. Multiple reinjection sessions may be needed to obtain optimal volume.

Is Breast Implant Correction, Removal & Replacement Right for You?

Even under the best of conditions, breast implants don’t last forever. At some point, they may need to be removed and usually replaced for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Capsular contracture: After breast surgery, your body naturally creates a capsule to surround the implant. When this capsule begins to thicken, contract and squeeze the implant, it can lead to painful, hard and distorted breasts. The only way to resolve this condition is often with a revision procedure. Called a Capsulectomy where the capsule surrounding the implant is peeled away, the implant exchanged and usually replaced in a new surgical pocket.
  • Aesthetic issues: Many patients desire a breast implant removal because they’re unhappy with the appearance of their augmented breasts. For example, they may look too large, artificial or rippled. The implants may have shifted sideways, bottomed below the crease, or moved upward (the “Snoopy” breast). In many cases, implant removal and replacement are simply needed to close the “gap” between the breasts and recover cleavage. The complication many patients are eager to address is often seen in women participating in strong pecs work-outs, where, over time, the muscle contractions displace implants – mostly sideways – creating a wide, boxy look. Dr. Drehsen’s work on this subject is summarized in his “Repairing the Gap” procedure, the most effective way to restore beautiful, sexy cleavage.
  • Ruptured implant An implant, especially one older than 10 years, can rupture for a number of reasons: from a car accident or another injury, a mammogram, or simply the passage of time. If your implant has ruptured, removal of all implant material is recommended to prevent further complications, and a new implant replacement placed in in a new position (plane) is usually recommended.

Our Signature Breast Implant Removal and Subfascial Replacement Approach

If you decide to have your breast implants removed, you can look forward to a quick and very straightforward procedure. If you’re simply removing your implants – not having them replaced with new ones – our breast surgeons will re-open the original incision that was used for your breast augmentation.

From there, the techniques used will depend on your unique reasons for seeking a breast implant removal. For example, if your implant has ruptured, or you are experiencing capsular contracture, we will remove the entire implant along with the surrounding scar tissue. If there are no other complications present, and your implants are comprised of saline, we will deflate the implant before removal. If your breasts feature a substantial amount of sagging after the removal of your implants, we may also perform a subtle breast lift – elevating the breast tissues and to help to stop any drooping to restore a youthful and perky final outcome. Once your implants have been removed and your beautiful, natural chest has been re-discovered, we will carefully close the incisions to ensure your resulting scars are virtually invisible.

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If you are concerned with the status of your implants, we invite you to schedule a consultation at Clinique of Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute today. During your private meeting with our St. Petersburg surgeons, we will carefully evaluate the concerns you have about your chest, before composing a bespoke treatment plan designed to restore the beauty of your natural breasts.


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