Arm Lift Rejuvenation


Open Your Arms To A More Beautiful You!

Arms are an important part of who you are and keeping them toned and youthful-looking through diet and exercise alone can be a real challenge. As you grow older or fluctuate in weight, you may notice changes in your arm’s elasticity, firmness or volume. This transformation, whether sudden or gradual, is natural and you are not alone in wanting to achieve slimmer, more contoured arms. At Clinique of Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute, we focus on making your arms look sculpted again by providing a few simple arm lift options to choose from.

Our first and most popular approach is the Clinique ultra-discreet arm tuck or Brachioplasty for short. We start with liposuction, to help get rid of stubborn fat deposits that have formed over time, and make an incision on the backside of your inner arm to give you peace of mind and ensure minimal scarring. For best results, combine this approach with a Bra Strap, or sub-axillary, tuck to restore a beautiful contour to the upper back. This added step is similar to Brachioplasty with the exception of additional liposuction below the armpit and bra strap area of your body to enhance all of your arm’s natural curves.

If you have firm yet moderate loose skin, we recommend our second arm lift approach called the mini arm tuck. The mini arm tuck is a combination of minimal liposuction to help reduce a moderate amount of unwanted volume within the arm and a completely hidden incision inside the armpit to conceal all scarring.

Our last approach, Yag Laser Skin Toning, is designed for people like you who want to regain a small amount of arm firmness without the need for a surgical procedure.

By choosing an arm lift option that is right for you, you can achieve the toned body you have always deserved and restore your confidence for all the years to come.

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