St Pete Is Setting the New Plastic Surgery Standard


Cosmetic facial procedures saw a rise in popularity through 2020 and 2021, landing in the top 5 elective surgeries performed, and with more time spent at home, often spent staring at yourself on work Zoom calls, it’s no surprise that facial rejuvenation became an ‘it’ procedure for people across the board. There’s no need to travel to Los Angeles or New York for a glamorous, boutique experience either. In fact, Florida ranks top of the list for most plastic surgeons. There’s no need to fly to New York to get quality cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Christian Drehsen has dedicated himself to the craft of cosmetic surgery for over 25 years, marrying the art and science of each procedure to become an innovator in the field. His research led him to develop his signature RefresherLift℠.

The outline of the face changes as we age. Our tissue weakens and loses volume, dramatically changing as typically upward oriented facial features drift downwards with gravity. It can make us look aged and tired. Dr. Drehsen recognized this phenomenon and coined the term “The Emoticon Effect”. People evaluate and make assumptions of emotion based on a few lines in the face, just like reading an emoticon or emoji.

In order to avoid the ‘facelift look’, he pursued a different approach to traditional facelift surgery. The RefresherLift℠ is made up of a combination of smaller procedures, addressing problems such as forehead wrinkles, puffy lower eyelids, excess neck skin, upper lip wrinkles, and various scars, spots, or fine lines. Rather than pulling back at the skin, the RefresherLift lifts the vectors of the face upwards for a more natural look. Dr. Drehsen is focused on rejuvenating your features, not changing them, to better combat the Emoticon Effect.

Don’t add the expense of a plane ticket to your cosmetic surgery budget. Find top quality plastic surgery options right here in Central Florida, with Dr. Drehsen at Clinique of Plastic Surgery. The results will be exquisite.

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