Large labial lips can affect every aspect of your life – causing emotional distress, interfering with your intimate relationships and restricting the clothes you can comfortably wear. When this occurs, a labiaplasty can restore your attractive intimate appearance and renew your sensual confidence.

A more attractive intimate appearance – so you can feel like yourself again

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a corrective procedure to address sagging or enlarged inner labial folds of the vulva (labia minora). This condition makes some women self-conscious about their intimate area and might interfere with intercourse or exercise. The excess labia reduction is usually performed under minor sedation or local anesthesia. The resulting effect is a more aesthetically pleasing appearance and diminution of functional complaints. During the same sitting, we often recommend plumping of the outer labial folds (labia majora) with Fat Micro Grafting to produce a more erotically pleasing vulva. Labiaplasty greatly improves the visual appearance of the visible vagina.

Why Fat Grafting of the Labia or Vaginal Wall?

The vaginal area sometimes undergoes undesirable changes with aging or pregnancies. Thinning and loss of firmness of the outer labial folds and loss of firmness and padding of the vaginal walls are common complaints. In addition, there is the occasional poorly repaired childbirth tear that further relaxes vaginal support. We have expanded our use of fat grafting to improve the results of labiaplasty. By re-injecting fat into the labia area, we are able to increase the volume of the areas that have deflated or that were not originally well proportioned. In the first part of the procedure, fat is extracted from an available site, most often the lower abdomen, and is deposited into the thinned out or deflated outer labia folds and sometimes the vaginal wall. The effect is firmer support surrounding the inner folds, and the creation of a more youthful-looking as well as a functionally improved vaginal texture. This procedure often leads to increased sexual satisfaction for both partners as a result of the firmer and thicker vaginal wall and a more erotic appearance.

Dr. Drehsen

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