Our Philosophy

A Holistic and Goal Oriented Approach To Natural Beauty

At Clinique of Plastic Surgery, we believe in impeccable results. As such, we strive to create natural beauty for every single one of our patients. Accomplishing this goal requires a careful assessment of the entire person’s motivations, along with the signs of aging and cosmetic imperfections they want to address, so we can identify the precise blend of procedures that will create the desired impact. We examine old and new photographs to identify changes and opportunities, and we use sophisticated computer imaging to preview and plan realistically  what your new appearance could look like. We engage in exceptionally detailed surgical planning, so we’re able to achieve the results you want. From there, we combine this deep understanding of your identity with our technical finesse and artistic flair to make subtle tweaks that yield dramatic results – rejuvenating, restoring and refining your natural beauty.

We believe that art and technology fuel plastic surgery. As fully trained plastic surgeons armed with the most advanced technology available, we are guided by three key principles: The ethical use of our technical skills, the knowledge of the latest advances in our Art  combined with the appreciation of risks versus rewards in every single case  and an eye for beauty, balance, and symmetry. In combining art and technology in this way, we’re able to create fully customized procedures that can provide you with a life-changing experience.

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If you’re ready to revitalize your appearance and get back the inner spark of your youth, we invite you to schedule a consultation at the Clinique of Plastic Surgery today. During your private meeting with our surgeons, we will carefully evaluate you and understand your expectations and provide you with an exact treatment plan responding to your needs and goals.

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