Is Laser Hair Removal Worth It?

People often ask about laser hair removal. Is it effective? Does it hurt? Is it worth the cost? The answers, in short, are yes, it is permanently effective, and no, it doesn’t hurt, and yes, when you consider the results, it is not just worth it, it is a no brainer!

We all desire smooth, silky legs. But who has time for scratchy razors and waxing appointments? Imagine replacing that waxing appointment with something more pleasant than ripping out each hair on your body in short, sharp bursts.


So, Why Should You Consider Laser Hair Removal?


• The effects are everlasting, so never shave or wax again – ever, ever again!

(Say goodbye to razor rashes, waxing bumps and in-grown hairs.)

• It is quick – just ten minutes and often, just two appointments, is all it takes!

(Reclaim on your calendar space for much more relaxing beauty treatments.)

• Be ready to go, anywhere, anytime!

(With laser hair removal, you are always beach body ready.)

We hear you say, “You said it doesn’t hurt. Are you sure about that?” Yes, it does not hurt. Some people experience temporary and minor discomfort. If you can handle getting your legs waxed, then you can more than handle laser hair removal. And, as we all know, the results far exceed the old-fashioned hot wax strips.

You have likely come to associate Clinique of Plastic Surgery with excellence. We are dedicated to offering the absolute best in all of our services. Laser hair removal is no exception. That is why we offer the most effective hair removal laser available – the GentleMax Alexandrite Laser by Candela, and for darker skin types the Gentle Yag.

• State-of-the-art equipment, board-certified doctor and highly trained staff

• Customized plans based on your unique hair profile and skin type

• Brazilian, bikini and back hair are no match for laser removal, nor is facial hair

There is a different laser for different skin types, so the days of “laser hair removal is only for fair skinned, blonde haired people” has long past. One consultation at Clinique of Plastic Surgery Centres in St. Petersburg, and we can inform you of how many treatments you’ll need to make sure that the hair is eliminated.

If you are ready for decades of beautiful, hair-free skin, minus the shave bumps and rashes, get in touch today. We offer financing plans and a free consultation. At Clinique of Plastic Surgery, we are ready to make your hair removal dreams come true.

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