Reshaping Your Nose Without Surgery

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If you’re unhappy with the cut of your profile and, more specifically, the shape of your nose, but uncertain about surgical rhinoplasty there is an alternative. Your nose can be reshaped with nonsurgical rhinoplasty (sometimes referred to as ‘liquid rhinoplasty’). With nonsurgical rhinoplasty, filler is injected under the skin in order to shape or fill out a patient’s problem areas. It’s a cost- and time- effective procedure, making it an excellent option for patients.

Is nonsurgical rhinoplasty an effective alternative?
Yes! Nonsurgical rhinoplasties with fillers will suffice in a number of cases as a primary or a secondary surgical operation. However, filler rhinoplasties do present some definite limitations in the cases of quality, permanency and the extent of the correction. There can be some serious risks when done by an inexperienced surgeon.

The primary role of a nonsurgical rhinoplasty is to offer a reasonable alternative to an expensive or risky surgical procedure. In a non-operated nose, a filler can be used to camouflage flaws of the bony or soft parts of the nose. This can include:

  • Bridge dips
  • Bony irregularities and mild deviations
  • Offer tip support/definition
  • Correct asymmetries and improve chin/nose ratio
  • Help impaired breathing
  • Raise the nasal bridge

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty can also be used as a post surgical corrective procedure. Fillers can be quite helpful for minor post-surgical rhinoplasty flaws, similar to those stated in the primary approach stated above.

Research is key. In untrained hands, filler injections in the nose have produced disfiguring consequences, with complications such as injector overfill with semi-permanent fillers, or blockage of the nasal skin, limiting arterial circulation that can result in disastrous skin loss. So whether a patient is seeking filler rhinoplasties as a primary or secondary option, they should make sure to find board certified plastic surgeons specifically trained in surgical rhinoplasties, facial plastic surgeons, or E.N.T. surgeons.

In summary:
Is nonsurgical rhinoplasty effective: YES
Does it have limitations: YES
Is there high risk potential in untrained hands: YES

As with any surgical or nonsurgical procedure, we at Clinique of Plastic Surgery implore all patients to do extensive homework before committing, and if you have any questions, call the professionals at Clinique for consultation and guidance.

Christian Drehsen, M.D., board certified plastic surgeon

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