Brow Lift for Men | What to Expect

Brow Lift for Men

Your eyes can speak volumes about your mood and countenance. However, due to age and other factors, your forehead skin might sag and droop down to overcrowd your eyelids. Fortunately, brow lift for men can ensure that you look vibrant and youthful by targeting your forehead skin and affected muscles. Droopy eyes can make look like you are tired and frowning even when you are not. With a brow lift for men at a renowned facility such as Clinique of Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute in St. Petersburg, FL you can ensure that you always look your best.

Why Is a Brow Lift Necessary?
Aging forehead can have massive negative effects on your general appearance and facial expressions. Many men also possess thicker and heavier brows because of their genes. These can make you appear grumpy, frowning or unhappy. Other people might find you unapproachable because of your resting face expression. They might even mistake you to be angry. With this surgery, you can regain lost confidence in your looks and appear naturally alert and bright. It also helps in eliminating fine lines, wrinkles and other creases that can make you appear old.

What Is It?
A brow lift for men can rejuvenate the entire facial appearance and make you look refreshed and youthful. It targets this surgery at your forehead and does not come in any contact with your eyelids. They also term it as a forehead lift. It removes deep creases, sagging skin and to make your forehead appear tight and smooth. It also raises your eyebrows to lend your face a more relaxed appearance.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate?
Brow lift for men is perfect for candidates who have sagging and droopy eyelids or have creases, lines, and wrinkles on the forehead. You need to be in relatively good health before going for this surgery. Also, it is important that you keep realistic expectations from the procedure. Your experienced surgeon shall go through all the expected results before the procedure.

What to Expect On Procedure Day?
Brow lift for men is a simple and safe surgery. On the day of the surgery, you shall be prepped for and given anesthesia intravenously. There are many approaches to performing this surgery that shall be discussed with you during pre-operative consultations. Sutures or staples are generally used to close your incisions and are removed after a week.

Does It Hurt?
There is no pain during the surgery as you are under the effects of anesthesia. After the effects of anesthesia wear off, you might feel slight discomfort during the first 24 hours. You might also experience mild tightness around your forehead skin.

What Is the Recovery Time?
There is almost no downtime required. Within 24 hours you shall be able to shower and complete your chores. You can get back to work within a week once the sutures are removed.

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