Corrective Breast Surgery: Closing the Gap℠

By Dr. Christian Drehsen

Following breast surgery, you should have a more natural and aesthetic appearance. If for some reason you’re unhappy with the results of a previous surgery, contact our office and ask for a consultation. Over half of our breast surgery work involves revisions of other surgeries, such as closing a noticeable and unappealing gap between the breasts.

Significant gaps are a common problem with breast implants that have been placed under the pectoralis major muscle, a fan-like muscle that covers a large part of the chest area. This type of surgery, in which the implant is covered partially by muscle and partially by breast tissue and skin, is often referred to as the submuscular or dual plane technique. In addition to causing gaps, this method can also cause the lateral (side to side) motion of implants with arm motion and breasts that end up in a very high, unnatural position.

I’ve created a unique and highly successful procedure for fixing gaps resulting from other surgeries by removing old implants and placing new implants under the fascia layer of the muscle instead of the muscle itself. The fascia is a type of connective tissue made up mostly of collagen that attaches to and surrounds the muscle. When this corrective procedure is combined with a vertical periareolar lift, it provides more internal support and protection for the implant, which results in increased firmness and better positioning. Think of it as using the fascia to create a “support bra” for the breast.

Sub-fascial breast re-augmentation is the perfect solution if you have a gap that has been caused by an earlier surgery. Not only is the recovery time relatively fast, the procedure will finally restore the youthful beauty and symmetry of your breasts. I’ve helped women of all ages look and feel their best, and I can help you too.

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