What Can I Expect From a Chemical Peel?

chemical peel

Daily routines and lifestyles can make you feel tired and jaded. The face bears the brunt of these stresses. As time goes by, you may begin to see unfavorable signs of aging on your face in the form of patchiness and creasing. An easy solution to rejuvenate your face and regain its spring freshness is through a chemical peel. Clinique of Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute in St. Petersburg, FL is a reliable treatment provider for all cosmetic solutions.

Why Does My Face Look Dull And Weary?

Many factors play a role in skin aging and dullness. Sun exposure, the aging process, acne, nutrition, and genetics play a part in making skin look wrinkled, dry, and lusterless over time. Uneven skin pigmentation contributes to the patchy appearance of the skin.

Are There Solutions To My Skin Woes?

Yes, one of the most simple solutions to a variety of skin problems is a chemical peel.

What Is A Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is the application of a chemical on the skin to help treat it. These chemicals are designed to allow the skin to heal and recover from prior damage in a controlled way.

How Does A Chemical Peel Work?

It peels away damaged skin to reveal the underlying smooth and soft layers. The surface layer of damaged, pigmented and rough skin is removed and fresh, lower layers of skin are exposed.

Types Of Peels

There are different kinds of chemical peels. Their use is indicated by the extent of the skin damage. Superficial peels remove only the topmost skin layer, called the epidermis. Medium and deep peels penetrate deeper layers of the skin, for greater depth of action.

What Are The Chemicals Used In The Procedure?

A chemical peel uses solutions containing glycolic acid, salicylic acid, or trichloroacetic acid, among others. The concentration and time of application of the solution also determine its action on the skin.

What Benefits Can I Expect?

The skin appears smoother, softer to the touch and rejuvenated after this procedure. The light peel improves skin texture and reduces the effects of sun damage. The medium peel improves acne spots and smoothes fine surface wrinkles. The deeper chemical peel eliminates coarse, deep wrinkles, age spots and a decrease in color. The skin appears more youthful and fresh as a result.


A chemical peel is performed with or without local anesthesia, depending on the depth of the peel. The area to be treated is cleaned and the chemical solution applied for the required time. The solution is then wiped off.

How Can I Best Take Care Of My Skin After The Procedure?

It is best to avoid sun exposure until the skin recovers. Regular visits to your cosmetologist can help assess the outcome and benefits of the peel.

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Is dull and lifeless skin adding years to your appearance? Are daily sun exposure and busy timelines adding to the creased and speckled look of your skin, robbing it of its intrinsic glow?  If the answer to either of these questions is yes, contact Clinique of Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute in St. Petersburg, FL and book your consultation to regain your youthful radiance.

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