The RefresherLift℠ – A Natural Face Lift

Our bodies change as we grow older, including facial skin. These changes are influenced by a variety of internal and external factors.

As we age, the fatty tissue between skin and muscle often decreases. When you lose too much fatty tissue, your skin will stretch, loosen and sag.

Your skin can also become rougher and more transparent as time goes on.

For the most part, these are all naturally occurring internal processes.

However, the appearance of your skin can also be impacted by factors such as sun exposure, extreme weather conditions, stress and weight gain.

Daily facial movement and even the position you sleep in can have an adverse effect on your appearance.

Smoking can damage the skin as well, causing premature wrinkles.

While a healthy lifestyle combined with good skin care habits can slow down the aging process, a RefresherLift℠ can restore the youthful appearance of the face.  The procedure can make you look at least 20 years younger. It reduces many of the signs of aging, such as poor skin tone and decreases in lip, eye and cheek fullness.

The RefresherLift℠ is the ultimate natural face lift.  It reduces excess skin, increases firmness and restores facial volume without the pulled-back look you commonly see after a face lift.

Each procedure is tailored to your specific needs. A combination of techniques is used to address problem areas and help you achieve your goals.

Following an initial consultation, we’ll be able to show you how you will look after the procedure with a state-of-the-art computer simulation.

The RefresherLift℠ process combines remedy for facial wrinkles, excess neck skin, puffy lower scars, spots and fine lines. It repairs signs of aging. Your wrinkles will improve, your skin will look healthier and your expression more radiant.

We conducted a research study and found that people uniformly respond more positively to what Dr Christian Drehsen calls the Emoticon Effect.  This involves a person whose face had what we call uptrending facial vectors, which is addressed and handled with the RefresherLift℠ procedure.


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