Regain Fullness in Your Chest with Subfascial Breast Augmentation in St. Petersburg

breast augmentation

You are not happy with your breasts. They are have lost volume over time and look like they are deflated. This is a common problem after childbirth. It can also happen if you have lost weight or as your skin loses its elasticity as you get older. You may have never had full breasts. Regardless of why you are disappointed with your bust, breast augmentation can help you. Consider taking a different approach by having a subfascial breast augmentation in St. Petersburg at Clinique Plastic Surgery. You can have more volume and results that look natural. Contact us today to learn more!

What Is Unique About Subfascial Breast Augmentation?

In most cases, breast implants are placed beneath the pectoral muscles or directly over them. While this type of placement will give you fuller breasts, it can lead to problems. Your implants may shift. They may look unnatural due to their position. Subfascial augmentation involves placing your implants beneath a layer of connective tissue that is covering your pectoral muscles. When your breast implants are placed in such a way, they will look much more natural. You will also benefit from extra support for your implants. When all is said and done, you will have the bust of your dreams. Breast implant placement can make a world of difference in providing you with positive results.

Why Choose Subfascial Breast Augmentation?

When you go with subfascial breast augmentation, you can expect results that look authentic. You will love the way your breasts take on a new fullness that looks natural. Having extra support is another plus. Subfascial breast augmentation puts you in the driver’s seat for your figure. Choose your implant size and the type of implant you want. Our plastic surgeon will place your inserts beneath the subfascial tissue. Follow our surgeon’s instructions for your best chance to have a speedy and healthy recovery. You will soon be able to fully enjoy the results of subfascial breast augmentation when you see the difference it can make in your physique. It will boost your self-image as well when you have the body that you want most.

Talk to Our Plastic Surgeon in St. Petersburg about Subfascial Breast Augmentation Today

If you are serious about enhancing your bust, subfascial breast augmentation in St. Petersburg could be the best solution for you. The first step is to come in for a consultation with our plastic surgeon. You will be able to find out what will work best for you to get your ideal bust size.

Learn about all of your options, what is involved in your procedure, and what you can expect during your recovery. Our plastic surgeon will lead the way as you get ready to transform your breasts. Call Clinique Plastic Surgery today to learn more!

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