Pump Up the Volume with Lip Fillers

lip fillers

When you look at your lips in the mirror, do you feel satisfied with what you see? For many people, the answer to that question is no. Unfortunately, the aging process affects the way the lips look as well. It can take a toll on the volume in the lips, which leads to a variety of problems, including wrinkles. Fortunately, lip fillers can be used to pump up the volume in your lips and reverse some common signs of aging in the mouth area.

Have you ever heard of what are referred to as smoker’s lines? These are lines that appear around your lips whenever you pucker them. In your younger years, you actually have to pucker your lips in order to see these lines. However, as time goes by, those lines are just there all of the time, no matter if you are puckering or not. It is most common for individuals who actually smoke to get these lines because of how often they pucker their lips. However, even if you have never smoked one day in your life, you can see these lines starting to appear as you get older.

Smoker’s lines are not the only issue that you may be dealing with. You may actually have been born with lips that are very thin. Or your lips may have become thin over the years as you have lost volume in your lips and in your face as a whole. It may be difficult for you to actually see where your lip line is. Thankfully, all of these things can be helped by using lip fillers.

It is good to mention that lip fillers do not involve a lip implant. It involves injecting a product into the lips that adds more volume. No incisions are made, and no implants are installed. The filler is a gel-like substance. In addition to the fact that it actually adds volume, the substance that it is made from can benefit your lips in a variety of ways.

One example of a popular lip filler is one that is based on hyaluronic acid. This is a substance that occurs in your skin naturally. You have a lot of it when you are in your younger years. However, as you get older, your skin does not make as much of it. Hyaluronic acid is part of what is responsible for your skin holding onto its moisture. It helps your lips to look firm and plump. As you lose this substance, your skin looks dry and does not have the same volume as before. When a lip filler that contains hyaluronic acid is injected into your lips, you get immediate volume.

During a consultation at Clinique of Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute, our specialist will listen closely to what it is that you do not like about your lips and then show you how you can pump up the volume of your lips with lip fillers and the other treatments we offer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our office in St. Petersburg.

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