IPL Treatment Photofacial

IPL Treatment Photofacial

Do you have brown spots on your face, hands, legs or arms? We can help! At clinique, we use the alexandrite gentlelase laser to help treat your unwanted benign brown spots. During the treatment, our patients experience a mild stinging sensation comparable to a rubber band flick. However, upon request, we can apply a topical anesthetic prior to the procedure. Most lesions require two to three treatment sessions which are scheduled four weeks apart. However, depending on your skin lesion, additional sessions may be required.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

The Intense Pulsed Light or IPL treatment can also help decrease the appearance of aging spots, as well as being used for photo rejuvenation. The intense pulse light is directly absorbed by the pigment in the lesion. The light heats the pigment and breaks it up.


After treatment, the lesion darkens and crusts and is naturally shed from the skin after about ten days.

Treatment Requirements

  • Prior to treatment, discontinue sun tanning and the use of self tanners treatment for at least four to six weeks
  • For 10 days to two weeks after treatment, avoid strong sun exposure
  • Please advise us if you have a history of cold sores as we may opt to treat you to prevent an outbreak
  • Also advise us if you have used hair dye in the two weeks prior to your photofacial facial treatment. There may be residual pigment in the skin near the hairline which can absorb laser energy.
  • Wear sunscreen containing broad spectrum uva and uvb protection with a minimum of 30 spf during both the healing process and for several months following your treatment, use sunscreen with an spf of at least 30-plus at least twice daily to protect your skin from sun exposure.
  • Is intense pulsed light treatment the right solution for treating your brown spots?

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