Look and Feel Rejuvenated with Microdermabrasion


A number of things can take a toll on the appearance of your skin. Hormones, environmental factors and age can cause your skin to look dull and uneven, with issues such as acne and blackheads adding to the mix. A convenient and non-invasive treatment like microdermabrasion can offer a quick solution to return a healthy-looking glow to your skin. We encourage you to learn more about how you can look and feel rejuvenated with microdermabrasion, as well as how its many benefits have made this treatment so popular among our clients.

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion uses a special device with either a crystal- or diamond-tipped head to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from the top layer of skin. This process reveals a healthier layer of skin beneath while also stimulating the production of collagen in your skin. Collagen is the naturally-occurring substance in your body that adds volume and suppleness to healthy skin. The results are an overall healthier, younger, brighter complexion.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion produces results that go beyond any you could get from at-home beauty products. This simple treatment gives you a brighter complexion and effectively clears blemishes away. An added benefit is the gradual stimulation of collagen production that leads to plumper, more voluminous skin that will give you a more youthful appearance. Many patients report that their self-esteem also increases in association with their new, rejuvenated look. Practical benefits for choosing microdermabrasion are the fact that it’s convenient, non-invasive and requires no downtime. You can return to your regular activities immediately after the treatment.

Additional Things to Consider

While microdermabrasion is a very safe procedure and has no serious side effects associated with its use, you can expect some minor occurrences due to the friction produced on your skin during the exfoliation process. For example, your skin may feel tight or slightly sensitive after your session. In addition, you’re likely to experience some temporary redness. Of course, our team will be sure to make you aware of these occurrences before your treatment.

Talk to Our Team of Experts

If you’re unhappy with your dull complexion, microdermabrasion may be a consideration for you. Its convenience, safety and positive results make this exfoliation treatment an increasingly popular one. Schedule a consultation at Clinique of Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute in St. Petersburg to see how this innovative treatment can benefit you. Contact our office today to book your appointment.

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