Intimacy Improvement – Discreetly

Each woman is lovely in her own special way. Their bodies are works of art. Yet their comparatively delicate frames disguise the strength inside. From enduring the burden of childbirth to enjoying the pleasure of love, the woman’s form is as bountiful as it is beautiful.

Nevertheless, many women do experience discomfort, sometimes even pain during intimate, everyday acts which they feel helpless to address.

Look no further for help with your most private predicaments; the expert medical team at Clinique of Plastic Surgery Centres is here to help you feel more confident. Avail of our medical options for intimacy improvement, discreetly.

Intimacy Improvement – How the Experts can Help You

Recapture your youth and confidence with expert help from Dr. Christian Drehsen and his team at Clinique. Whether you’re a mother of four suffering from incontinence due to natural childbirth, a partner unable to attain satisfaction or if you have suffered from labial congenital conditions, medical help is here.

With a host of cosmetic and functional procedures to treat the issues women face privately, intimacy enhancement is guaranteed. Lack of intimacy between couples can affect relationships leading in several cases to divorce. Take the right step and rejuvenate your relationship.

Cosmetic procedures available include ‘Labiaplasty’, labia surgery and ‘Fat Micro Grafting’ of the labia or vaginal wall. These corrective procedures endeavor to enhance the aesthetics of the vaginal and vulvar structures. There are also healing procedures to repair botched labia revisions, old scars from previous operations and the like.

Functional surgical procedures of the vaginal canal for sexual function gratification include ‘Vaginal Rejuvenation’, Lengthening or Tightening.

Only the Very Best for You

If you have faced these issues and continue to be plagued by them please make an appointment to meet with our doctors. With only your health, safety and comfort at the core of this acclaimed medical practice, our doctors will assess what is best for you before recommending any of these procedures.

Once a request for a procedure of this nature is received, a candid discussion with the patient will follow the medical examination. The medical evaluation will look for any physical signs or symptoms that may indicate the need for surgical intervention. Furthermore, a patient’s concern regarding altering the appearance of her genitalia and lack of gratification will be discussed openly to ensure that all surgical cards are literally on the table, before you decide to proceed.

Regain Your Confidence with Clinque

At the Clinque of Plastic Surgery Centres, our renowned Dr. Christian Drehsen leads his able team of specialists. With a team of academically brilliant and experienced surgeons, Clinique has a panel of board certified plastic surgeons. Together, they perform life changing and more importantly, life enhancing plastic surgery for you to look and feel your very best, discreetly.

Dr. Drehsen is acclaimed for his exemplary track record in the field of cosmetic revision and reconstruction surgery His minimally invasive techniques are perfect for those who wish to enhance their private appearance subtly. Consult our experts today to choose what can help you. Recapture your vitality; feel more confident and comfortable with these groundbreaking intimacy improvement procedures.

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