How to Best Prepare for a Nose Job

Every patient has some nervous energy prior to surgery. At Clinique of Plastic Surgery Centres, we take care to understand your anxiety and do so by giving you a run down on important pre-surgery information. Dr. Drehsen takes great strides to ease this restlessness before rhinoplasty by reviewing the operative plan, clarifying expectations, and answering any questions. Trust is very important when subjecting yourself to surgery, and Dr. Drehsen works hard to facilitate this bond.

How we help…

Anxiety aside, being up front and honest about your medical history decreases the chance that anything could go wrong. Answering questions in their entirety, no matter how minuscule you think a past ailment was, can ward off possible complications. A thorough physical examination, to include lab and blood testing is also required. Our Tampa Bay offices take photographs from varying angles and we use our computer imaging software so that the patient and Dr. Drehsen collaborate to design the features to be enhanced. Seeing the coming visual transformation decreases anxiety for many patients because they see first-hand what is surgically possible prior to the operation.

What you can do…

As a patient, taking care of your body and following Dr. Christian Drehsen’s orders pre-nose job will help you recover faster post-operatively. Being prepared is your best weapon for combatting stress as you recover. Make sure you arrange transportation to and from surgery. If possible, have a friend or family member stay over the first night to help with medications and meals. If you have children, make sure to have transportation and care arrangements for them, as well. Prior to surgery, make sure you cease taking any medications that might conflict with your procedure, and most importantly, stop smoking. Remember, healing times are averages, as every patient recovers in their own time.

This is an exciting time now that you have made the choice to move forward with your rhinoplasty. Taking these small steps prior to the operation will help you be better prepared and make your overall surgical experience more positive. For more information on a nose job, contact us at either our St. Petersburg or Sarasota location and eliminate unnecessary worry!

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