Happy, Beautiful, and Confident- Renee Zellweger’s Smart Choice in Altering her Look

Everybody’s talking about actress Renee Zellweger’s transformation. The 45 year old actress debuted a new look last month at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards gala. While she looked undeniably svelte in her form-fitting black dress, the Internet has been abuzz about her changed signature plump cheeks and her seemingly larger eyes.

The Bridget Jones actress looked distinctly different with her smooth, line-free forehead and altered brow, although she has never admitted to having surgery. As lovely as she was and continues to be, her transformative new appearance has sparked off a new debate about plastic surgery.

Renee Zellweger – Smart Choice in Altering Looks?

The blonde beauty has been at the forefront of film and fashion since her mesmerizing performance in Jerry Maguire. The movie introduced the fresh-faced Zellweger to us in 1996 and that was almost two decades ago. And even being part of the most youth-obsessed industry in the world for that long cannot practically allow for an actor’s looks to remain the same. Bodies and faces age. Yet Hollywood demands perfect beauty at every age.

This is where the plastic and reconstructive surgery has become a viable and convenient option for actors to soften the effects of ageing with minimal risks. The positive psychological benefits of cosmetic surgery are also well-known and include building self-confidence and body image. The reality however remains that the movie star’s first public appearance after years and noticeable plastic surgery to combat inevitable ageing was widely criticized. Harsh critics of Renee’s new face are however being condemned for their hypocrisy.

The exacting standards of beauty expected from celebrities today can only be met with the assistance of expert plastic surgery. So the famous Zellweger will continue to stay in the public eye thanks to the smart choice she made in altering and enhancing her looks.

The Renaissance of Your Youth

Whilst Rene Zellweger has publicly adduced healthy living for the altered face, experts across the world assess that she has had Botox treatmentfor a smooth forehead, brow lift, eye lift and a face lift. The blonde beauty on her part has explained her altered appearance by being peaceful and healthy to The Express : ‘I have a lifestyle that involves keeping my sanity by going to the gym.’ She has also stated that she is happy to look different.

Forever Young at Clinique

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