Get Better Facial Proportions with Nose Surgery

Nose Surgery

When people think about getting nose surgery, they think about getting plastic surgery and walking out with a perfect nose. The truth of the matter is that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all nose. However, there may be a nose that is ideal for your face.

Your face shape, age, and personality traits all play a role in determining what the ideal nose is for you. The right nose for you will not necessarily look right on someone else. And that cute little button nose that looks great on your friend may not necessarily look great on you.

For this reason, nose surgery is always a personalized procedure. Our skilled surgeon will work directly with you to give you the best nose for your face. Symmetry is key when it comes to defining the nose that is the right proportion for you. That being said, just because a certain measurement is traditionally used when dividing the face into symmetrical sections does not mean this method is going to work for everyone.

Traditionally, beauty is defined by looking at the symmetry that exists when dividing the face vertically into thirds and horizontally into fifths. When this is done, one notices that a nose that is traditionally thought to be proportionate to a person’s face should be as wide as their eyes. That is, their nose should take up approximately a fifth of their face and be a touch smaller than their lips.

A typically attractive face will have almost perfect facial symmetry. This means that their entire face is in proportion with each feature.

The golden ratio is usually the standard when it comes to determining how attractive a person is. This golden ratio, 1.618, stems from the Fibonacci sequence that can be observed in nature. Cosmetic surgeons use this ratio when performing different measurements on the face.

However, this is not the only factor to keep in mind when considering nose surgery. For many people, the face’s profile is just as important as the face from the front. Our cosmetic surgeon will take the time during your consultation to see the angles on your face that can be adjusted to give you an ideal profile.

That being said, proportions are just guidelines. For this reason, a good nose surgery result will only come from both a scientific understanding of beauty and an artistic eye for beauty. Most importantly, a good cosmetic surgeon will also always keep the patient’s needs and desires in mind.

At Clinique of Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute, Dr. Drehsen has the experience, skill, and care needed to give you the results you have always wanted with nose surgery. Contact our office in St. Petersburg to schedule your consultation and start your journey toward your perfect nose.

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