Five Benefits of Labiaplasty


Labiaplasty is a type of vaginal rejuvenation that’s specifically focused on reducing and reshaping the inner vaginal lips or the labia minora. The overall look and structure of the vagina can differ greatly from one woman to the next. Moreover, various life events such as childbirth and normal wear and tear can have a significant impact on its appearance. Women with uneven or excessively large labia often suffer from diminished self-confidence, physical discomfort, embarrassment, and a host of other issues. Fortunately, labiaplasty is a short, simple, and relatively low-risk procedure that can resolve all of these things.

Improved Vaginal Aesthetics

During a labiaplasty procedure, the darkly pigmented and low-hanging tissues of the inner vaginal lips can be targeted. A modest amount of this textured tissue is gently removed to reveal a smoother, lighter-toned mucosa that causes minimal friction to the labia majora. If the labia majora is also over-sized, nominal amounts of tissue can be removed here as well. There are even instances in which excess skin surrounding the clitoral hood can be removed. This treatment allows for a smaller, neater, and more visually-appealing vagina overall.

Increased Comfort

When either the inner or outer vaginal lips are over-sized, wearing certain forms of clothing can be extremely uncomfortable. Fitted jeans, tight-fitting undergarments, and even swimsuits can place excess pressure on the vulva that results in abrasions, rashes, and other problems. Through the careful reduction of these features, it is possible to alleviate issues with pressure and friction for a healthier and far more comfortable vagina overall.

Higher Levels of Sexual Confidence

Women should feel comfortable and confident about their bodies, at all stages of undress. With this procedure, the vagina can be both streamlined and made to look brand new. This treatment is especially appealing to women who’ve experienced multiple childbirths and who now have stretched and elongated vaginal lips as the result.

The Ability to Wear Tight-Fitting Clothing

Surprisingly, labiaplasty can even have benefits in the workplace. This is especially true for lifeguards and other professionals who must don tight-fitting clothing while on the job.

Enhanced Pleasure

The removal of excess and unnecessary vaginal tissues can also greatly enhance a woman’s ability to experience sexual pleasure. This is especially true when labiaplasty procedures are performed in conjunction with clitoral hood reductions.

Women who are unhappy with the shape, size or general appearance of their labia can trust labiaplasty to restore their physical comfort and their sexual confidence. When performed by an expert like Dr. Drehsen at Clinique of Plastic Surgery and Laser Institute, the results can be truly amazing. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in St. Petersburg!

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