Closing the Breast Gap with Breast Re-Augmentation

breast gap

When a woman chooses to have breast augmentation, the main goal is to improve the appearance of the bust. This type of surgery is usually the procedure of choice for any woman who wants more volume. A lot of women experience a loss of volume that can result from the aging process, after pregnancy and nursing, or after weight loss. Extreme fitness can also result in a decrease in breast size. Some women choose breast augmentation to deal with asymmetry in breast shape or size. In the end, it is a personal choice that may be chosen simply to enhance a woman’s figure. If you have had breast implant surgery, you know your reasons. After your procedure is over, you may find yourself dealing with a common issue known as a breast gap. Do not become discouraged if this happens to you. Breast re-augmentation performed by the talented Dr. Drehsen could correct the problem.

How Does a Breast Gap Happen?

A breast gap is that noticeable space between a woman’s breasts that may happen after breast augmentation. It may not happen immediately following the procedure. You may go some time with results that make you happy. However, capsular contracture can occur in which scar tissue forms around your implants. This can result in a space between your breasts that is wider than you prefer. A breast gap can also occur based on the type or size of the implants you choose. It could be due to your own anatomy and look more pronounced after your breast implant surgery. Your breast tissue or the tightness of your skin may also play a role in creating a gap.

The good news is if you have a gap between your breasts after breast implant surgery that is larger than you would like to see, our surgeon can help you to resolve the problem. It may be time to consider breast re-augmentation.

An Effective Solution for Your Breast Gap

Our plastic surgeon at Clinique of Plastic Surgery and Laser Institute is your best guide if you are experiencing breast gap after your breast implant surgery. He can evaluate the condition and appearance of your breasts to determine the best solution to your problem. Your procedure will be personalized to assist you in eliminating a gap that is too large between your breasts, bringing your implants closer together to give you a more natural appearance.

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To find out the best direction to go to deal with your breast gap after breast implant surgery, make an appointment with our plastic surgeon at Clinique of Plastic Surgery and Laser Institute in St. Petersburg. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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