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Plastic Surgeon

If you live in the Tampa area and are looking for a good plastic surgeon, you have likely identified the procedure that you have in mind. In addition to identifying a plastic surgeon who offers that specific procedure, you need to make sure that your prospective surgeon is board-certified in plastic surgery. Look no further than Dr. Drehsen.


Commonly called a “nose job,” the rhinoplasty plastic surgery procedure helps to improve your facial harmony by adjusting the proportions of your nose. It can be used to correct cosmetic complaints, improve function, or both. Rhinoplasty can help those who are dealing with impaired breathing by correcting nasal structural defects. Rhinoplasty is commonly used for the treatment of nose size related to facial balance, nasal asymmetry, overly large or upturned nostrils, or a nose with depressions on the bridge or visible humps.

If you are looking for improved nasal symmetry, be aware that everyone’s face is somewhat asymmetric to a degree. Although your results may not be perfectly symmetrical, the goal to enhance facial balance in proportion is within reach. Like all plastic surgery procedures, realistic expectations are important to patient satisfaction, regardless of the plastic surgeon you choose.


The liposuction plastic surgery procedure helps to reshape and slim specific body areas through the removal of excess fat deposits. The procedure is useful if you desire an improvement in the contours and proportions of your body.

Liposuction can treat areas like the hips, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, back, and the chest area. Liposuction procedures are also commonly performed in conjunction with other procedures like a tummy tuck. Of course, our plastic surgeon in the Tampa area can discuss this option with you during your consultation.

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