Who Is a Candidate for Corrective Breast Augmentation?

Corrective Breast Augmentation

If you are no longer happy with the way your breasts look, then it might be time to consider corrective breast augmentation surgery. During corrective breast augmentation, our team can alter the shape and position of your breasts to create a more balanced and flattering appearance.


Understanding Implants


There are many different variables to consider before having a corrective breast augmentation procedure, and potential patients should spend some time familiarizing themselves with this unique style of surgery. As a general rule, you must first meet with a cosmetic surgeon to discuss your overall goals. Corrective breast augmentation is typically carried out to enhance the size of the breasts, but it can also alter their position. The two most popular implant materials are silicon and saline, and they each have their own pros and cons. Once you have made a decision regarding the material, you will then need to choose a size.

Signs Corrective Surgery Might Be Right for You


Corrective breast augmentation has a relatively high success rate, but accidents can still happen in the blink of an eye. Over the years, implants can become torn, ruptured, or damaged if they aren’t placed in the proper position or the bags themselves had defects. Even if the surgery went off without a hitch and your implants looked great for a few years, your body will eventually change. Giving birth or suddenly losing weight could impact the overall balance of your breasts. Corrective breast augmentation surgery allows us to deal with all of those issues so that you are once again satisfied with your body.

Corrective Breast Procedures


This is a highly personalized operation, and no two corrective breast augmentation procedures are exactly the same. For most patients, we remove the older implants, re-adjust the underlying muscles, and place new implants in a better position. If the breasts have changed by quite a bit, then we might suggest a breast lift as well.

Am I a Good Candidate?


You are most likely an excellent candidate for corrective breast augmentation if you are no longer happy with the results of a previous breast augmentation. Your soft tissue is naturally going to move around over time, and that is why breast augmentation isn’t considered to be a permanent solution. During your initial consultation, you are going to learn more about how corrective breast augmentation is carried out and what kind of results you can expect.


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