How Can I Benefit from the RefresherLift℠ Philosophy?

Refresher Lift

While there are a number of non-invasive solutions to the more advanced signs of aging, severe facial wrinkling is rarely responsive to even the most effective of these. As you grow older, you may find that minimizing the appearance of loose, sagging skin, facial hollows, and facial folds is essential for maintaining both your marketability and your confidence. Fortunately, patients no longer have to face the risk that’s commonly associated with conventional facelift surgeries. The RefresherLift℠ is an innovative surgical method that can give you a natural and incredibly youthful visage by addressing multiple signs of aging at once.

The Goal of the RefresherLift℠

The RefresherLift℠ philosophy asserts that the best way to reverse facial aging is by addressing all of its many signs and symptoms. While facelifts are performed by merely pulling the skin taut and excising excess skin, this treatment addresses a much vaster range of age-related cosmetic issues. When advanced facial aging occurs, it usually has a variety of underlying causes, such as diminished skin elasticity, facial volume loss, and an overall breakdown in the integrity of the dermis. Instead of producing an excessively tight visage, integrated efforts are used to strategically restore the face back to the natural beauty of its former years.

What the RefresherLift℠ Can Accomplish

The RefresherLift℠ is an entirely customized procedure. It does not give patients a windswept look given that skin tightening is never its sole focus. Instead, this procedure can restore lost volume via specialized techniques. Best of all, patients can obtain dynamic jawlines given that the RefresherLift℠ additionally incorporates treatments for streamlining the chin and neck. The entire process restores facial outlines and tissues for a truly remarkable finish overall.

Regain a Fresh and Natural Appearance

The RefresherLift℠ philosophy takes a decidedly different approach to tightening, firming, and filling out the skin than a traditional facelift. As such, it has helped countless patients obtain looks that they can feel proud of. Make an appointment at Clinique of Plastic Surgery and Laser Institute to get all the facts about the RefresherLift℠, including how it can benefit you. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation at our office in St. Petersburg.

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