Taking Advantage of Liposuction in St. Petersburg


You watch what you eat every day and only put healthy foods into your body. Your exercise routine is a daily part of your life. You are making good choices in order to get the figure you want. Unfortunately, the fat on your body has other ideas. It’s stubborn and it doesn’t want to melt […]

How Can a BOTOX Treatment in St. Petersburg Benefit Me?


This is probably not your first time hearing about BOTOX®. BOTOX® is one of the most widely known cosmetic treatments that is performed in this day and age. Although you know about it, you may have never thought about how it can benefit you. If you live in the St. Petersburg area, we warmly invite […]

The Increasing Popularity of the Brazilian Butt Lift in St. Petersburg

brazilian butt lift

More and more people are choosing the Brazilian butt lift in St. Petersburg. It is a less invasive approach to enhancing the size and shape of your buttocks when compared to butt implants. It revolves around the exciting use of your own fat to transform your buttocks. You can get rid of fat that you […]

Getting Dermal Fillers in St. Petersburg

Dermal fillers

If you are interested in using a non-surgical treatment in order to help you fight the aging process and look your best, dermal fillers may be the right option for you. Dermal fillers are constantly growing in popularity in St. Petersburg and elsewhere because they are a simple treatment and the results last for a […]

First-Class Treatments at Our State-of-the-Art Med Spa in St. Petersburg

med spa

You want to do more than pamper yourself at the spa. You want to feel like you are taking a step back in time to a point in your life when you glowed with the vitality of youth. You want to wipe away the signs of aging that are all too obvious in the mirror […]

Treating Acne-Related Issues with Microdermabrasion in St. Petersburg


For many acne sufferers, major breakouts are commonly followed by redness, bruising, pick marks, and scars. Surprisingly, however, it may be possible to minimize the appearance of these things. Microdermabrasion is a popular procedure for addressing superficial skin issues. With this treatment, the body expedites the proliferation of new and healthy skin cells while increasing […]

Choosing the Right St. Petersburg Plastic Surgeon

St. Petersburg plastic surgeon

You’ve decided that you are going to have a cosmetic surgical procedure. Undoubtedly, this is a decision that you made after a lot of thought and consideration. Now, you need to take steps to see to it that the cosmetic procedure you get is right for you. You do not want a sub-par cosmetic procedure […]

Trim Your Figure with a Tummy Tuck in St. Petersburg

Tummy Tuck St. Petersburg

Have you done everything that you reasonably can do to trim up your body? You’ve dieted, you’ve exercised, you hit the gym every single day, and still you look at your midsection and you don’t like what you see. If so, you might want to learn more about a tummy tuck procedure. When performed by […]

Dual Plane Brow Lift℠ for Men

Dual Plane Brow Lift

As a man, you make your health a priority. You do everything you can to stay in shape and keep your weight where it should be. You choose foods and exercises that are good for you. All of your choices help you to feel more youthful, but you can’t erase the signs of aging. Some […]

A Closer Look at the Happy Emoticon Effect

Happy Emoticon Effect

The Happy Emoticon Effect or Emoticon Effect is a study published in the “American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery” in 2015. It was conducted by Dr. Christian Drehsen, our board-certified plastic surgeon at Clinique of Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida. What Did the Study Involve? During the Happy Emoticon Effect study, Dr. […]

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