What to Expect from Corrective Breast Augmentation

corrective breast augmentation

Many women undergo breast augmentation and experience the aesthetic changes they want.  The results of a successful augmentation can last for many years.  That said, conditions may arise that cause a woman to need or desire the correction of a previous augmentation. If you are displeased with your last augmentation and are interested in learning […]

When to Consider a Mommy Makeover in the Tampa Bay area

A mommy makeover is a plastic surgery procedure that will usually combine two or more surgeries such as a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast surgery. The procedure involves a thorough pre-operative preparation. The patient should choose the timing of the mommy makeover procedure that is best-suited to her needs. Here are useful guidelines that may […]

Tips for Finding a Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Many people these days decide to have some form of plastic surgery carried out, and this can be for a variety of reasons. These procedures have become popular with both men and women over the years. If you are looking to have plastic surgery in Tampa, you need to make sure you find an experienced […]

Labiaplasty – Common Questions

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that typically involves reducing the length of the labia minora that hangs below the labia majora.  But since this is a blanket term, it may also refer to reduction or augmentation of labia majora and/or clitoral hood.  The doctor at Clinique of Plastic Surgery & Laser Institute can customize the procedure […]

CoolSculpting in St Petersburg, FL – What You Should Know

Getting rid of unwanted fat can be a real struggle, as many people have come to realize. Some people have tried all sorts of methods to get rid of this type of stubborn fat to no avail. Well, there is now a revolutionary treatment that is available through specialist facilities like Clinique of Plastic Surgery […]

Five Benefits of Labiaplasty


Labiaplasty is a type of vaginal rejuvenation that’s specifically focused on reducing and reshaping the inner vaginal lips or the labia minora. The overall look and structure of the vagina can differ greatly from one woman to the next. Moreover, various life events such as childbirth and normal wear and tear can have a significant […]

What Can Visia Skin Analysis Do for Me?

Visia Skin Analysis

If you’re a human being on this planet, then you’ve faced a skin issue (or 10) in your lifetime. Like most of us who just want our skin to be clear and shiny, you’ve probably spent your days scouring the internet looking for any and all solutions to whatever specific problem you’re facing at the […]

Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon in St. Petersburg

Plastic Surgeon

It will soon be summer in St. Petersburg. You intend on getting a lot of sun and having loads of fun this year. You thought this might be the perfect opportunity to get some of the plastic surgery procedures you have wanted done. You are going to look fantastic this year, and you have been […]

Refresh Your Appearance with a Brow Lift for Men

Brow Lift

A brow lift for men, sometimes referred to as a forehead lift, could completely rejuvenate your appearance. Not only can it make you look younger, but it’ll make you look rested. A brow lift is a comprehensive procedure that is designed to correct problems with your skin, muscles, and the tissue that surrounds them. In […]

Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon in Tampa

Plastic Surgeon

If you live in the Tampa area and are looking for a good plastic surgeon, you have likely identified the procedure that you have in mind. In addition to identifying a plastic surgeon who offers that specific procedure, you need to make sure that your prospective surgeon is board-certified in plastic surgery. Look no further […]

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